New image from @nicole alexandra and @mindykills different look for me but I love it!!
More from@nicolealex and @mindykills!! Can’t wait to see the rest !!!
Loving these new images from nicole Alex! With hair and make up by @mindykills

Anonymous asked Do really bad stretch marks put you out of the running for modelling?

I wouldn’t say so…I personally don’t have any so I’m not the right person to ask, but Photoshop comes in handy for little things like that ;)

Merry Christmas from my boys and I 💜
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Anonymous asked Less of a question than a statement but here we go. You are incredibly beautiful, you seem to have a wonderful personality and seem like a genuinely great person AND you have the most perfect body. Seriously, your body is perfect. Goes very well with your lovely smile. So, there's that. My thought of the day!

Aww thank you so much!! Very sweet of you thank you for your kind words !!! Hope you’ve enjoyed your long weekend !!!! Xxx lex

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Sweet something from hipsandcurves <3
Hips and curves ;)

Anonymous asked Hey gorgeousLexi, Would it be too rude if I asked you what your measuremetns are?By the way, I think we're both from Crete! ;)

Bust: 38c Waist:32 Hips:42 . And yes my family is from Crete, some of my family is in Athens still but my family’s in Crete all the time we have a home out there! Thanks for your support


xhaleycalamityx asked you're gorgeous!!

Thank you so much so are you

!! :)

Anonymous asked How old are you?

I’m 24

Loving the white!! Check out www.hipsandcurves.com for yours